Monday, May 11, 2009

Mami Mom Day 2009

In an attempt to show my appreciation for the many, many things my mother has done, does and tolerates, I put together a little Mother's Day surprise for her. Got my brother in on it and we took her to one of her favorite restaurants. It was a good time. Considering my brother is pretty financially stable, he got whatever his heart desired and encouraged my mother to do the same. It hurt a bit. I won't deny it. I had to drink my woes away. And that drink was like $6. Oh well. You only live once. And she's worth it! She's not only totally adorable, but she's one of my truly favorite people. I'm glad she's my mom. Relieved, actually. I've met a lot of mothers. I would not want any of those! Well, I guess I would probably be okay with it, but I think I'm definitely very blessed! Tomorrow I'll finally post the piece of art I created for her Mother's Day gift. It's super cute!

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