Monday, May 25, 2009

I won't upset the apple cart, I only want what I can get

Heart Attack

Since I did "Trash Heart Art" I've been bouncing around other ideas under this same theme. So, I guess this will go in my series. I don't know what to call the series yet, but we'll just see where it goes and worry about labels later. It's a coincidence that I did an armed forces sort of theme on Memorial Day weekend. But I guess it's a nice coincidence. Perfect little Memorial day post. I'm so festive! This one actually took me a lot longer to do than the other. I was trying to achieve a certain look; a little more damaged. Hearts, but more torn and thrashed. A bit like shrapnel. And I like to think that it can be interpreted in a few ways. Under the viewer's discretion of course..

Happy Memorial Day!

1 comment:

e. Styles said...

while i'm told the trash art is composed of tiny piece of paper- it looks like cupcake icing, smeared on paper. Hows that for interpretation!

and now i'm hungry....thanks a lot.