Monday, May 25, 2009

Sleepin with a gun under my pillow

The other week, I made a minor personal record of going to see three different movies in one week. A hat trick, if you will. Well, this week I fulfilled another hat trick of sorts by seeing some form of Wolfman Fran band configuration. First at the Fire in Philly, then at the Fuel House in Vineland and finally at the Bus Stop Cafe in Pitman. Don't get me wrong. I'm not obsessed. Went to the Fire with the soul reason of supporting a good band that also happens to be comprised of friends, but the other two times were just convenient as I was playing the shows they were playing, essentially. Alright. I'm full of shit. I'm obsessed with them. I can't get enough of Ron's diligence, Fran's sound checks, and Steve's ability to make doing nothing look good. And really, when you go to one of their shows, every time is completely different than the last. Never know what you're gonna get!

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