Saturday, May 2, 2009

I have to kill to make it true

For the sake of having a good time and not being tempted to spend the whole show taking pictures, I didn't bring my camera to the Fameball. I wanted to dance! So, instead of posting a photo of Jamie's, the blurry crap I took with my phone, or stuff I could google, I opted to sketch Lady Gaga myself! It scanned terribly. It's very hard to scan pencil. The only way to get them to show up at all is to turn up the contrast and that doesn't always do it justice. The subtly is lost. Maybe I should have just taken a picture of it instead. Hmm. Maybe I'll try that later. If you'd like to see the original I used for comparison sake, clicky click. I obviously removed her hand. It was taking attention off of her face. Just always looked awkward. I wanted the attention to be on her eyes. And trust me, it looks a lot better without the hand. My attempts at making her hand not look awkward were completely in vain! haha

Anyway, I really had a good time at the Fameball (I just like saying that). Lady Gaga has got to be one of the oddest entertainers out there right now. I just saw Factory Girl a few weeks back so Andy Warhol things are fresh in my mind and I completely understood what she was doing, but it was very odd nonetheless. But it was great. I had a lot of laughs, sang songs I love, and got a plethora of hot new dance moves to bring to da club! And, look, she even got me out of my sketch slump!

The perfect sum up: Thanks Gaga! (yeah, that's an in-joke.)

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