Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm thinking Arby's

Today our band played the 89th Wilmington Flower Market Carnival. Rocked the Arby's stage. The rain God's tried to destroy the whole day and wash the whole thing out. A lot of acts and events were canceled because of the torrential rains and then the bonus thunder and lightening. We were nearly canceled, but suddenly the weather cleared and we were able to go on. The stage was great, but the conditions in the grass were sad. Like walking in water chocolate pudding. I think they call it mud. I definitely felt for my parents and friends. Following us, there was a 7th grade cover band from the high school across the street. I'm not sure what's saddest; opening up for 7th grader, the fact that their audience was about 10 times bigger than ours, or that I got an enormous bruise on my leg from my tambourine! I dunno though, that's pretty hardcore. I rocked the shit outta that tambourine!


Jamie said...

gees woman that tambourine kicks your ass all the time!

the bloggiest said...

That's what you get for breaking a tambourine.