Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are they real? Yes... and no

Went to the Academy of Natural Science after I made $30 selling a book and ditching another in the loo. It was ridiculously cold on the walk there and as ridiculously unorganized and structured as all of the Portfolio classes we've had all quarter. This museum really paled in comparison to the Natural History museums I have frequented in both NY & DC, but it was kind of precious.

The point of the trip was for us to sketch the animals. Not many people actually did this as our chatty teacher sucked a lot of them into another JFK conspiracy, but I got bored of wandering and did a little sketch of an Okapi. It was the most popular animal of them all and also where I happened to find an open spot to sit. Behold... OKAPI


Jamie said...

that dude should pay attention before he dies. No text is more important than life.

jenell o' boogie said...

I'm glad you saw my vision in this picture! haha