Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bang, bang, my baby shot me down

Believe it or not, that is actual blood on my shirt. In the photo it doesn't seem to look real or as bad as it did in person. But worry not, it was not my blood! Unfortunately, though, it was Gizmo's. But it was nothing serious. He just bites himself too much due to his allergies and these kind of things happen. Not usually all over my shirt, but I got it out so the only casualty suffered was one of Gizmo's back feet. He showed off his three-legged dog skills all the next day. Anyway, the weirdest part about this was that the night before I had this messed up dream that I was shot. I wasn't exactly shot in the dream. I woke up as the shooter was undoubtedly going to slaughter me jolly with a gun. Be that as it may, the dream really shook me up. Naturally, when I looked down and saw all that blood on my shirt, I was really startled and I admit for a moment I thought I'd been shot! haha My family agreed it definitely looked like I had been. The photo does no justice!

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