Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!

I bid 2009 a fond farewell with pasta, booze, and Jamie. Sounds like the perfect combination, but in actuality the perfect combination is mango + rum = mango martini. Delicious! It sounds somewhat ridiculous to have day dreamed of drinking martinis prior to turning 21, but I suppose it goes along with my fascination with all things retro cool. Be that as it may, I discovered I get seriously ill anytime I have any vodka. Even a sip of vodka will mess me up for a few days. But I digress, I've found that more than one place makes martinis with rum! I suppose in some ways that's not a true martini, but I don't care! I get to drink a yummy drink from those awesome martini glasses and it made my night fo sho! I could have probably gone home happy, but instead we went to a little house party. Was there live jam sessions, massage trains, sex on dryers, Bob Dylan dancing and old school wrestling on the TV at your New Years Party? Was at the one I was at! Don't be too jealous!! Maybe next year, suck'ahs! ;)

Happy New Year, ya'll.
Here We Go Again, 2010!

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