Saturday, April 4, 2009

I threw up all by myself

Jamie and I had another gig at the Auburn Road Winery tonight. I feel like it was a do-over. And the do-over was much, much better for me than the first go around. I wasn't sick, my voice held out like I'm used to, we sold a few CDs, met some lovely people, and brought in a bit more dough. Not to mention when Jamie was up on the stage rocking an incredible, incredible bass solo, she broke a string. Yeah, she broke a bass string. I know, it seems impossible, but when you're THAT on fire metal just goes back to birth, my friends!

After the show, we dropped by another show going on tonight. Likely where the rest of our audience was; the show at the Bus Stop featuring that incomparable Brownies. We caught the tail end of their set and hung out to watch the last band and to see Steve Locastro cut a rug. or a board. Luckily, I caught some of it on film and I am able to share it here tonight! Too bad I couldn't directly twitter this shizz!

And I got home and started my next piece! I'm pretty stoked about it!


Jamie said...

this post is covered in amazingness

jenell o' boogie said...

that's what happens sometimes. in my blog. occasionally. occasionally to rarely. somewhat.

thanks for noticing this somewhat occasionally rare moment