Thursday, April 9, 2009

That love business is a powerful thing.

I want to work on something that will take me more than a few hours to complete so I whipped this up real quick. You definitely have to look at this big since the detail is so small. Looks pretty pathetic all shrunk down. haha In case you're wondering, this is from Sword in the Stone as well. The squirrel scene again. The end of it. When the little girl squirrel is sadly watching them go and sniffling. Not that anyone has left me or broke my heart, but the somber tone of this shot definitely resonates with me this week. Yeah, I'm emo, so sue me. Actually, don't sue me, I'm broke.


Jamie said...

aw when you do scenes from this movie i'm reminded more and more of it. anyway, this picture is sad when you know whats going on!

And you want me to sue you for being emo? Wonder what my just cause would be for doing so. Cheer up emo kid, your make up is running! <3

Jamie said...

ps let me borrow this movie one day!

jenell o' boogie said...

You can borrow it whenever you like. It's just chillin mah bedroom. But maybe I'll have to do an exchange. I'd like to see some of YOUR movies, asshole