Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your 'I need you to' is my command.

Got up. Got dressed. Got stood up. Called Jamie. Went to the zoo. Saw animals sleep. Went on safari, motherfuckers. Ran for my life. Witnessed assault on a bear. Got nostalgic thinking about getting kicked in the face. Saw a squirrel climb in a trash can. Saw squirrels in love. Had a face off with a squirrel. Lots of squirrels. squirrels squirrels squirrels. Went home. Saw my brother, Wilder. Changed my shoes. Put Gizmo in the brig. Wilder created fire. Aunt, Uncle, cousin, & cousin's pregnant wife came over. Got deemed official photographer. Took photos. Dropped my chicken on the stove. Dropped my chicken in my belly. Took more photos. Brought Gizmo downstairs. Sat. Sat more. Took more photos. Changed into a warmer hoodie. Changed it again. Went to Philly. Drove back from Philly. Watched the Office. No time to draw. Why did today kind of suck? Happy Passover.


Jamie said...

the zoo was pretty awesome. i'm kinda glad i got called in for backup. But I'm kinda sorry that you got kicked in the face... that had to of sucked.

jenell o' boogie said...

I think it was possibly an improvement