Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm not a squirrel, I'm a boy.

Too much photoshop yesterday so I went a bit more minimal today. Just a little texture, basically. Like yesterdays, this is from Sword in the Stone. This scene was always one of my favorites (hoping to do a sketch of my very favorite one day) despite my love/hate relationship with squirrels. I always thought it was so sad when Arthur becomes human again and the little girl squirrel cries. She makes the saddest, but cutest whimpers. It kind of gets me choked up! Well, more so now that I'm grown than when I was young. I try not to become my mother, who is notorious for crying at just about anything, but I suppose where hormones are concerned, I don't have much control. I'm not as bad as she is, but my ability to hold it in has been severely decreased! It's such crap! Speaking of my mother, I feel this piece was appropriate (kind of love themed) since it was my parent's wedding anniversary today. Thirty-four years, baby! She may cry easy, but she's tough as nails to be married to my father for that many years. I can't imagine it in general so I definitely can't imagine it with a guy like him! haha Congrats Mom&D! Way ta be!


Jamie said...

gah i need to see this movie again. i remember that scene!


jenell o' boogie said...

I haveth on DVD. tis delightful.

their marriage is nearly old enough to run for president.