Sunday, April 12, 2009

He's the worst

Didn't have time to do any sketching today. If you can believe it, we had even more family over again today. Before they came over, I had to bake cupcakes for Easter dinner tomorrow. Unfortunately, we ran out of cupcake foils so I had to run out to get them. It was annoyingly busy out. And rainy. After I got back and finished up, I skipped town once again to escape family inflicted insanity. Came home to frost said cupcakes, though. I'm super annoyed, though. I read that if you want to make dark red frosting to use chocolate frosting instead of vanilla. So, I did. I used a lot of red food coloring. Is it red? No, not really. It's far from the actual chocolate color it originally was, but it doesn't look red. I don't know how much you actually have to use, but it must be a lot. I think they should have mentioned that. Maybe said, "Buy a whole lot of red food coloring and be prepared to kill your arm with the amount of stirring you're going to be doing."


Jamie said...

aaww you did good though!!!

jenell o' boogie said...

if ya think they look good, they taste even betta!