Monday, June 8, 2009

take off my heels, i dont want to be a hooker ghost

Spent the day with Eavvon in Philadelphia. In the planning of this day, we planned to not make plans. I wasn't exactly thrilled with this plan, but he insisted and it turns out that not making plans is a bad plan. Doesn't mean that we had a bad day, but it did result in my having some serious blisters and not being able to show off my amazing bowling skills the following night. Despite that, I learned some things about Philadelphia that I didn't know. I also learned some things about my feet and my flip flops. And I learned a lot about the care of blisters too. Too much to share in any great detail, but trust me. I know a thing or two about a thing or two. Mmmmhmmmmm (Sling Blade)

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e. Styles said...

I think making plans just isn't good for you- i didn't get no blisters- walked off a huge breakfast- saw some space shoes- at potato pancakes that pretended to be mexican food. Then got arts!

Next time, we'll plan it all for you, since it all worked out for me this time.