Saturday, June 20, 2009

You killed my pine!

Visited the Trocodero in Philly to see Metric. The lay out of that old theater may have been fine in it's opening days, but it's kind of annoying now. The upstairs is only good if you can get there early enough to snag a seat and the floor is only good if you're really tall. And lots of people in this world are a great deal taller than me; even with my gigantic platform boots on. And worse than the tall people (who can't help being tall) are couples that go to shows. I'm sure there are plenty of couples that go to shows and aren't annoying, but if there are, they never stand near me. I'm always near some couple that's kissing and being overall annoying. The couple I got squished behind at this show really took the cake. I was really losing my temper with them. I was only able to vaguely see between their heads so OF COURSE they had to kiss like every 2 seconds. And the girl had to take pictures constantly which caused her to hold her camera up in my eye view over and over. And even worse than that is when they'd be trying again and again to get a cute couple shot DURING the show. Over and over she's holding the camera up and we're getting blinded by their flash. And I was hiding my face cause I don't want to be in their shitty photos! When another girl in front of me started dancing and lashing me with her hair, we decided to give up on our spot and move to the back. Which is where I actually enjoyed the show very much. Emily Haines is incredible. Not just as a musician, but that chick does her aerobics. I would have been laying on the floor wheezing if I did a show of that length with that much jumping, dancing, and high knee running! I have said quite a lot in this update. A lot of ranting. I just wanted to say the show was awesome. The audience, though? Bunch of tall a-holes!


Jamie said...

i think the girl with the boyfriend will be one of those people i will always remember when i think of assholes at concerts..

jenell o' boogie said...

fo' sho'