Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heart Stock no. 4

Beyond Bounds

The fourth of my still unnamed series. It's been called "Trash Art" a lot, but I don't think that's really a good name since there's not really any actual trash besides the trash can in the first piece. That being said, I'm going to call the series "Heart Stock". It might be a rather obvious title since it's made of ripped up pieces of card stock. Less obviously, I feel like I'm sort of "taking stock" of some romantic themes. I don't know how to explain that any better. In my head it makes sense, though. I don't have to explain my art to you!!! ;)

Anyway, this piece took me a long time to complete. The longest out of all of them. And right now, it's my favorite one so far.

One last thing: Thanks to everybody who has commented and said they like these or have told me they like these. It's nice to hear. It's not necessary, but it's definitely appreciated and nice. Thanks!!


Jamie said...

gah this one is so awesome too, love the hearts. i hope to own one of these one day.

e. Styles said...

umm- does this connect to the theme you were working on earlier- the Japanese infused art one? because- if so, very clever, ms ogo. Things that are also clever-Heart stock-.

Tip of the cap to you, miss corningstone.

One more thing- did anyone watch those shorts on nickelodeon where there was claymation slugs (actually, correction, it was part of eureka's castle)- and the slugs would zoom and zig-zag out from pieces in rocks and mazes? for whatever reason, i'm reminded of that. just sayin, for whatever that's worth.