Saturday, January 9, 2010

Keep your friends close...

Despite how low on funds I am, I gathered my resources together and went to England! You really find out who your friends are when you fly to England for the night. Despite the distance, Ched, Matty Coco, and Jamie all came out to celebrate my birth on the day that I wish was my actual birth date. And, just my luck, after the big rugby match ended, they started up some karaoke! Though it was short lived, it was good times. Can't wait to go back to England again soon!

I think there's some truth to finding out who your friends are when it's your birthday. In my opinion, a true friend knows when it is and make sure to send you some kind of greeting. And I've been very blessed in that arena. The little texts, tweets, and well wishes from friends was really sweet and definitely did make my birthday nicer. Apparently, a few people are glad I was born! Hurray! In the same vein, some friendships that at one time were very important to me seem to be very different this time around, to say the least. That was a downer on my day of days! But that's life and life goes on and I'm just glad to have the friends that I do have :)

1 comment:

Jamie said...

i love you, damn it.

you'll hear from me every year!!!