Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Makes you worry about gravity

Last quarter in my Fundamentals of Drawing class, we didn't draw a nude model until about the last two weeks of class. That was not the case at all for my Life Drawing class. We started drawing nude models the very first day. Makes sense considering it's "life" drawing. I suppose by the end of this quarter I'm going to be pretty awesome at drawing the human form. At least I hope I will be. Everyone in my class seems to generally dislike the instructor. I don't know how I feel about him. He's an odd fellow. Despite his quiet manner, he has a slight speech impediment and wears the same very ornate jeans, cuffed at the bottom with pristine white, high-top sneakers every week. He also plays XPN during classes, which is good until it turns to smooth jazz mid way through the night. But none of that is the problem that people have. The thing that my classmates seem to dislike about him is his lack of opinion on their work. Sometimes the most he'll say to you is, "you've got the right idea" and walk on. I don't require a whole lot of encouragement or critiques. I'm happy to just draw the figure and see what I can do without someone telling me what I'm doing wrong. I'm fine being told that too, but I can go either way. He does comment and give advice, though. But some people seem to just dislike the things that he says period. I don't know. These kids! Can't please them! I'll say that I really did like my instructor, Rob, from my last drawing class, but he was younger and a lot more personable so that's almost expected.... But I digress... I'm rambling... Kind of looking forward to seeing my stuff by the end of quarter. Okay. Done. No more Ai blabber.

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