Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spread a little love

Despite feeling a bit under the weather after three chilly days in Philly, I went over to see my little nephew, Samuel. I nearly didn't go, but I'm glad that I did. Not only had we not given him his Christmas presents yet, but I don't get to see him very often in general. So, I try not to be lazy about it when the opportunity arises. I still can't quite decipher his (what I like to call) accent, but he was a lot less shy than he normally is. And when he put on his Batman he really took on new life. He beat the shit out of his dad. Not to mention the drawer in the kitchen. He wasn't fooled. That was clearly the Joker and he gave him what for. In other news, he has no clue who WALL-E is and that is just a damn shame!

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Jamie said...

hahahhaaaa i love him in this picture