Thursday, January 28, 2010

My crazy feet

Due to an abnormal amount of horrendous feet and toe cramps the night before, my feet were tight and sore and I wasn't too stoked about going to class. My mother talked to a doctor friend of hers about my feet woes and told me later on that this kind of thing was not normal for someone my age. I've been frequently plagued by various toe cramps here and there, but normally after I eat a few bananas, I'm back to normal. This week, I've eaten a banana everyday and had the worst cramps in my feet of my life. And I also heard it was due to dehydration, but I was definitely not dehydrated. The latest theory is that they're possibly caused by exhaustion. That could be true. It's hard to say since they're essentially a medical mystery to a certain degree. There just seems to be a slew of theories. I guess you run through the list and find out what works. Well, we're taking the advice of a doctor and trying out the tonic water cure. Tonic water has quinine in it which is used for a multitude of things, but most importantly for leg cramping. The problem with this cute? Tonic water tastes disgusting! Ugh. In my opinion it's horrible. My mother thought I was crazy, but it was such a struggle for me to drink a glass of it. I tried to do a Michael Scott cure and add sugar to it, but it didn't dissolve and didn't help much. Splenda next time. ;) Anyway, fingers crossed that this works! Mind over crampage!

ps. I blame the swine flu vaccine. maybe it didn't directly cause my cramps, but I've definitely felt exhausted since getting it... so... you tell me if there's any correlation!

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