Friday, March 27, 2009

i has a hot dog

On Monday, I took Zoee to the vet. Today I took Gizmo. And these two visits couldn't be anymore different. Monday it was sunny and bright. Today it was rainy and gray. Monday I went alone without any problems. Today I went with my mother and there seemed to be no end to troubles. Monday Zoee and I chilled quietly in the waiting room. Today we sat with Gizmo in his new muzzle that didn't do much at all to quiet the constant motor of his growl. Monday Zoee climbed on me in the examine room nervously. Today Gizmo barked, whined, jumped and was overall loony as fuck. Monday Zoee got her shots with one attendant holding her steady and never made a sound. Today Gizmo was so unruly they took him into the back room to take his blood and give him shots and screamed the whole time. Which caused me to cry. And I'm not even talking about the sound. The moment they started out the door, I started tearing up uncontrollably. Which is just another testament to how different these trips are. And it's the exact reason I make my mother go with me when I take him. Anyway, the differences continue, but you get the idea. Which is my dog is a nutcase. I love him, but sometimes I really don't like him. On a completely different note, Zoee weighs 13.8 pounds. Gizmo weighs 14. Need I say more?!

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