Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zoeebug's big adventure

Today sucked. At 7am, I awoke to the sounds of Zoee barking. None stop barking. Any other morning, my grandmother would be up at that hour, but she wasn't so I got up and let the little mutt outside. Then at 11am, I awoke to the sound of my grandmother calling my name up my stairs. Why? Because in the midst of the windy morning, the back gate must have come unlatched and blown open. And when my grandmother let Zoee outside, Zoee went on a little personal adventure. So, quick as could be, I threw on my Uggs, my glasses, and an old sweatshirt and ran outside to look for her. I was surprisingly calm considering the horrible possibility of Zoee being gone forever and having to tell my parents this while they were on vacation, which is probably good considering how nutty I must have looked walking the streets in my Snoopy PJ's and messy hair (though, maybe not in Millville..). When I was in the back near the woods, I heard the gate blow closed. For whatever reason, it made me think I should go on the route of Zoee's daily walks instead of searching in a region foreign to her. So, I go walking up the road. I thought I saw a little gray dog looking down the road at me from a distance so I start to run. The nearer I got the more clear it was that it was indeed Zoee and she soon recognized me and ran towards me. But when I got close enough to her to nearly grab her, she screamed bloody murder and bolted around me. That was basically the scariest moment for me. She nearly ran in the road (I live on a busy highway) and I was afraid she was going to just keep running away from me. But when I knelt down and said her name, she came over to me. I suppose she thought she was in trouble and was afraid I was going to discipline her at first. I'm not sure. Once she came over to me, I picked her up and she was full of kisses for me. So, I don't know why she had that sudden freak out. I guess maybe she was just shook up in the first place. Anyway, I took her back home and my grandmother continued to fret for hours (and will probably continue fretting for the rest of the week) and I attempted to begin my day, but wound up just laying in my mom's bed watching tv and dozing on and off. A wasted, crap day. Zoee gave me a terrible case of the Mondays.

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