Monday, April 19, 2010

Congrats, L & M!

Keeping with tradition, I accompanied Nathan to another Terry Wedding. Well, that's partially true. I didn't attend the wedding part this time. I just went to the reception. If his family believed we were just friends the first Terry Wedding, they completely don't believe us now. Even going as far as one of his aunts telling him he was lying. Unfortunately, she didn't ask me. I had a great response. I was going to say, "I keep asking him, but he keeps turning me down.." and then bursting into tears. In other news, on Thursday I randomly ran into an old friend from high school while standing outside of the college on a break. And then who was unexpectedly at the reception? That same old friend! So crazy! So I got to hang out with him a lot sooner than planned! It made the whole beginning of the reception a lot less awkward. As for the reception itself? It was really nice! And Laura and Mike had some great ideas. Some people give candy and candies to their guests, but Laura and Mike gave mix CDs that they compiled including a song they recorded together. Being that Laura (and I guess Mike) has similar taste in music as me, I absolutely love the mix! It's great! They also gave away the pretty centerpieces (tulips) and a bit of Laura's glass. That doesn't make sense, but I'm not going to explain it just to be a bitch. Anyway, as always, Nathan and I were the best dancers of the night and despite the many dance competitions judged by Mike and Laura, I didn't win as I never competed. Didn't think it would be fair. I do the best Electric Slide anyone has ever seen. It's so good I feel bad doing it in front of people. It crushes souls. And also, I would have crumbled under the pressure. All in all, a pretty fun time. Too bad Nathan doesn't have anymore sisters....

ps. I finally wore the sweet tights I got for Christmas. I got so many comments and compliments on them. When I put them on, I was so stoked so I'm glad the feeling was mutual! I could not get a nice shot of them. OH WELL. I'll just have to wear them more!

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Jamie said...

damn i guess to get into this wedding you had to look GOOODDDDD, yo!