Friday, April 9, 2010

Flight of the Conchords for the win!

Yesterday I said I'd explain the good news I got on Thursday. Dum da da DAAA I got Best of Quarter! The above piece is the piece that got me this very splendid honor. This is a project we did in Color Theory last quarter. It's basically called a forgery. We take advertisements or pictures and try to match it as close as we can. In doing so, we learn color theory as we blend and mix colors and so on and so forth. My piece was chosen as Best of Quarter out of 31 other pieces out of two Color Theory classes. Most teachers only bring in a few from each of their classes, but Martone brought in 31. He's crazy like that. And he was extremely proud of his two classes. There was so many incredible pieces. That being said, I'm so flattered to have been chosen. I can honestly say that I did not think I would get it. I thought this other girl in my class definitely would. Definitely shocked! Apparently there's an award ceremony for all the winners and then it will hang in one of the school display cases for a while. Sweet! And since I won't be getting my work back for at least 12 weeks, I figured I'd just post this. It's the last time I saw it before break. I'm so glad I followed my gut and went with my loves, FotC! :)


Jamie said...

this is INSANE! Honestly, if the words weren't on the original, i'd have know idea which was the original. Chose an awesome piece of art to do, that picture is so detailed with so many different elements and so colorful. I think I applaud you, worth the wait of seeing! GAH i cant believe you did that! haha

jenell o' boogie said...

Thanks, duder! I don't know how I accomplished anything that warranted Best of Quarter - I really should have taken photos of the other entries cause I don't know how mine got it! But I don't see it how other people see it, I guess. I just see the flaws. But I'm glad you like it! I thought you of all people would be tickled by my choice!

Jamie said...

oh my god, i'm back to say --- i must have been so impressed by this that i commented with some terrible english grammer and forgot to include words and everything. you impressed me THAT much. I think i applaud you? Screw that. I DO.