Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't worry, no permanent damage done

Today in Typography, I began to live. There was a lot of firsts this week, but after I had my first truffle living finally began! To celebrate this, I took a nice walk in the place where lives end with Jamie and Gizmo. The weather was perfection. After walking around the cemetery for a while, we walked down to the park and Gizmo demonstrated how good he can be when he tries. He also showed a little girl how mean he can be when he tries too. I can't say I was that mad at him for barking at that little girl, though. After I took him down the slide, she came over with the relentless goal of petting my lovely puppy. Of course, Gizmo wasn't having that. For all he knew, that little girl could have been trying to kill me! And maybe he should have. Despite his ferocious barking, she still was reaching her hand up to him. Do we really need that kind of stupidity in the world? I know what you're thinking I'm being cruel and not giving a young lass a fair chance to grow up into an intelligent, productive adult. But her mother sat by and watched this exchange and did nothing so I have to assume there's not much chance for that family to succeed in the world. ;)

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