Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oui oui yes yes

After a nice two days off, I spent my day in Philly being studious. Pretty good day. I found out some good news, but I'll post about that tomorrow! Anyway, I had my Conceptual Storytelling and Sculpture for Animation. Both classes are taught by two teachers I've previously had so it was a comfortable. Since it was our first day of sculpture, we played with clay for a while. Just to get the feel for it. That's when I created the Frenchmen, who we named Pierre. Then we had to actually do work and try to sculpt a skull. I've still got work to do on that and carried him home in a cup. It's the little things about being an art student that tickle my fancy. Like carrying a skull home in a paper cup. You don't do that everyday!

In other news, Pierre is no more. I had to demolish him. RIP Pierre.


Jamie said...

gah i love the skeleton and Pierre. I wish i could own have the things you make in art school, gees.

jenell o' boogie said...

Pierre is gone, but Mr. Skeleton hangs on... for now. Unfortunately the stuff we do in this class we have to mash up so we can do new things. It's BRUTAL!

Jamie said...

what was wrong with me this day? "own have"? Gees.. i gotta pick one..