Monday, June 21, 2010

Is he lisping?

Despite the record breaking heat, Jamie and I ventured up to my second city for the Bamboozle Roadshow. Unfortunately, we missed just about every band that played the second stage. It was hot over there and we found a nice shaded, breezy spot near the water that just so happen to be near the Good Charlotte meet & greet area so we could spy a little. Well, we could have, but we just looked over in that direction and then said, "oh, look" and then went back to our business. But, oh boy, believe me, I was FREAKING OUT inside. After awhile, we ventured back into the crowd and experienced all things Bambozzle. I think what's the most bamboozling thing is the attire of the crowd. Granted, it was hot out. That being said, this show was a pedophiles dream come true. So many under age girls in teeny tiny outfits. So many brace-faced prepubescent girls in Daisy Dukes and rolled up tank tops. When I was their age, I never wore shorts. Too bad more girls aren't self-conscious about their knees and too modest to wear tank tops.

So, if you hadn't heard (or seen), we went to see Good Charlotte. Kind of a bust to go see a band you like at one of these things, though. They had a 30 minute set and played all their hits. I mean, it was a fun set nonetheless, but it's not really all that thrilling for a person that's been to a lot of their headlining shows. But, like I said, it was fun despite all that. It went by REAL fast! I did get some sweet photos thanks to the early hour of the set. Normally when we see them, it's dark. My digital zoom likes it when it's sunny. So do I :)

In other news, I have now seen Third Eye Blind play live as well. It was bizarre. Stephen Jenkins is an odd chap. You should see them. Their drummer is made of lions. No shit. True story. LIONS. Also, they played the longest version of "Jumper" I've ever heard. It was the only song I wanted to hear so I guess they really went all out. They didn't have to do that, though. I liked it the regular length that it was.

Towards the end of our night, we ran into a dapper gentleman. No idea who it was, but he was really hot ;)

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Jamie said...

i'll never remember who that actor was. damn it. comment ruined.