Monday, June 14, 2010

Ratbirds galore

Had to run up and see my financial aid planner which lead to me being in Philly with nothing to do about two hours before class. So I got some grub and I ate it alfresco in the park. There was a lot of people sitting in the grass enjoying themselves, but for some reason, I was the one that the pigeons wanted to hang out with. They weren't really bothering me. They were just walking around my general area. This one pictured just stood there for the longest time. Just a few inches away from me. Kind of weird. But also pretty amusing. I guess I was the only one sitting by them self on the grass so the pigeons felt for me. I appreciate it. Even if I hate pigeons. haha

Later I went to my last algebra class and got a perfect on my final. That's an absolute first for me. Practically unbelievable.

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