Friday, June 25, 2010

oh my F.A.O Schwartz

Found out that I have two diseases today. One is real and one is theoretical. One is physically painful and one is emotional. Both I've known about for years, but today I feel like I can put a name to them both. That's as much as I'd like to say about that. After all of that, I had the great pleasure of seeing Toy Story 3. What can I say about it? It was great. It was really well done. I wouldn't say it was my favorite one, but I did enjoy it. And some of the scenes were so aesthetically pleasing. I can't imagine how they create and animate a whole landfill. Sounds weird to say, but it was rather breath taking. And not because it smelled. Good job, Pixar! You have done it again!

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Jamie said...

i thought the beginning of "wall-e" with him going all over the place in that trash heap was insane. there is so much detail there. then there's the landfill scenes in this movie.. basically pixar is doing an awesome job at creating landfills.. ;) bravos