Friday, June 18, 2010

Dinks, the baby elephant

Last day of my Thursday classes; Conceptual Storytelling and Sculpting for Animation. I was up rather late finishing things up for my Conceptual Storytelling final project, so I got up late and wound up getting to class 35 minutes late. I partially blame my lateness on the fact that I had Anchorman on. So hard to shut that off! Fortunately, it was absolutely a none issue. After hours of going around the city with a baby elephant in a box, I went to my review for my sculpture class. Earlier in the day, a kid I didn't know told me that everyone got a B on their final projects. Well, that kid was wrong. I got an A. And I was happy to find out that I had gotten an A on every assignment we'd done. When I started this class, I was nervous. I sucked at sculpting. How did I get an A on everything?! I'm pretty happy with that. And now I love sculpting. I'm definitely going to keep it up despite being done with the class. I wish I could take more sculpting classes! Ugh! Back to drawing and computers now! Boooooooooo, I wanna play with clay!

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