Thursday, September 30, 2010

B-more Happy!

Adventure day! Jamie and I went down to Baltimore to visit the Walters Art Museum. When I left Lindenwold it was sunny and the further south I went the crappier the weather got. But weather isn't an issue when you're visiting a sweet art museum so it did not deter as at all! It's a pretty sweet museum not only because it's got a ton of amazing art, but there's free admission! Can't beat that! After exploring every inch of that museum, we went to the Baltimore Hard Rock to eat some dinner. We had never patronized that Hard Rock so we were treated to lots of cool rock and roll memorabilia. We were also treated to some entertainment thanks to a school field trip. Bring a field trip to your local Hard Rock and an insta-party will break out. It was wild. and loud. Real loud.
Then we took a walk around the Harbor. It was nice. It's a nice little area. Lots of jobbers. Lots of deaf homeless people. But also a lot of nice scenery. It was nice of the weather to clear up for that part of our trip. I guess I shouldn't say the weather never did nothing for me. Hmm. After it got dark, we departed Baltimore, land of the Ravens and Coca-Cola. Jamie tried to kill us, but tir na nog!

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