Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Wizard of Gaga

Went to see Lady Gaga at the Wachovia Center (Shove it, Wells Fargo). It should not come as a surprise to anyone that I thought the show was awesome; just as she was the other two times I've seen her. She puts on a good show. An odd show, but a good one. She proudly sings live, proudly hates money, and proudly bares her butt cheeks throughout the show. As do her fans. They sing loud and proud, must hate money considering how much they spend on tickets, memorabilia, and food & drink, and definitely bare their butt cheeks all over the place. There's a fine line between dressing like Lady Gaga and dressing like a straight up hooker. There was a lot of Gagas and even more hookers. And a good majority of those hookers were probably underage. I used to think that the outfits you see at Britney Spears shows were interesting. They do not compare in the least to the outfits you see at a Lady Gaga show. It's like Halloween. I have to wonder what some of these people dress like in their everyday life. I mean, I pretty much dressed up for the show as I would for any other show. I'd love to see what these people do for a living.

To the left you can check out the lovely little hooker Gagas. That would be the photo with the girls, not the photo with the fame monster eating Gaga. This was taken moments before the cleaning crew thanked us for coming, informed us that the show was over, and told us that we could come back tomorrow and see Gaga. He of course was being a jerk. And I wanted the Fame Monster to eat him. We weren't in the way of their cleaning or anything. We were just waiting out the crowds. And lots of other people were doing the same! That dude pooped on my party! Alright. I'm over it. Thanks for being awesome, Gaga. You're younger than me and way more awesome. I should hate you, but instead, I love you. Don't let me down like so many others!

ps. the show was actually on Tuesday but since I don't like having two posts in one day and I didn't do anything cool on Wednesday it's going to go here. Deal with it. It's my blog. I can Superman time if I want to.
pps. thanks so much for the ticket, fuckface!!

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Jamie said...

Lady.... gaGA. whatta gal!