Saturday, September 4, 2010

I know exactly what I want

Met up with my good buddy, John, to check out Marina & the Diamonds at the World Live Cafe. Not only did I get to see a band I've never seen before, but I got to ride a train I'd never ridden before either. My ability to get around the city without a car has expanded a lot this month! Trains aside, the show was pretty good. The opener, I forget their name, got a thumbs up from us both. I figure, as openers go, if they don't suck, they're good. So, they were good. Marina was no slouch herself. I was a little distracted by this guy that kept trying to talk to me, but I enjoyed the show nonetheless. It was short, though. I think maybe she should beef up her show with some covers since she doesn't have a lot of material. Or at least play some other material so it doesn't feel like it's over in a blink. That's just my meager opinion, though. Check her out. She's an interesting new artist making the rounds..

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