Saturday, December 18, 2010

Home sweet nope

Went down to Millville for the first time since my parents moved away. It was a little weird. When I arrived at the house, no one was home so I had a little time to unwind with Gizmo alone. Routinely the first thing Gizmo would do when we arrived at the house after I freed him from the leash was to search out my mother. He pretty much did the same thing this time, but to no avail. It was definitely a sad moment. He ran from the kitchen to her bedroom to her painting room and cried all the while. The rest of the night he sat on my brother's couch and looked at the front door. He just waited for her to come home. Of course she never did. It was weird to be there without any of the regular comforts of home. But I admit I was digging my brother's HDTV. I never really watched an HDTV. It was really the longest I ever had. Toy Story never looked so bright to me!

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