Friday, February 2, 2007

i don't sleep to dream

"Just seems odd that of ALL the shows you wanna go to, you wanna go to this one. Especially considering the conversation we had earlier."
"I saw it on the site earlier, its no big deal. if it bothers u i won't go. I was just kickin round the idea. Besides, you said nothin was goin on with him."
"That's not
even the fucking point.... and that was before tonight"
"what does that mean?"
"That's not important....."
"well, like i said i was only half thinkin bout it, I figured to try and get past my jealousy since it seemed to be unfounded."
"how is this going to make you not jealous? isnt this going to just make it worse?"
"why would it make it worst? Does that mean that you have feelings for him?"
"no, I'm not saying that. I'm not talking about me here. I'm talking about you."

(circa Sept 2005)


Jamie said...

you + me = sneaky awesome.

Eavvon said...
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Eavvon said...

Welcome to the blog party jbOOgie! Nice user name, might I add