Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day #5 - Past Future Magic!

Last full day in Florida, so prior to going to one of the parks, we went down to the hotel pool. This resort we were staying at is so big that it actually has two pools. We went to the first pool and it was massively crowded so we took a walk over to the other one. The other one is not as big, but it's a lot classier. After a little pool time, we went over to Epcot. Spent most of the time just walking around the world and taking it easy. After two straight days of walking, my knees and ankles were about ready to die, but I pressed on! So much to do and so little time! We had to get all around the world and then into the past and into the future and then to the Magic Kingdom. In that magical kingdom, we had to find a hoodie, avoid the parade storm troopers, and find food before Tinkerbell committed suicide AGAIN! We were successful. To end the night, we went BACK to Epcot and tested out some cars. It was a very full day. But it was awesome. I can't wait to go back to Disney already!

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