Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day #2 - Toad's Wild Ride

We departed after a grand slammin breakfast and arrived in Florida before the sun went down. It was pretty windy, but it was nice! It was warm! And I didn't pee my pants though I thought I might! After checking in, I hopped behind the wheel to drive Jamie to get her Disney ticket from will-call. Sounds easy, but nothing could have been harder. All I'll say is that not only did we fail in our quest, but I drove in the bus lane, got chased by a lady with a light saber and did a 360 donut in the MGM parking lot. But that coke I got at the monorail huddle house was delish. So worth it. ;) After that ordeal, we went to Downtown Disney and ate in the rain forest. It was really cool. It was raining coins instead of rain! So awesome! Some people liked it more than others. :|

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