Sunday, March 14, 2010

We just lowered his ears

I rarely update this early in the day, but I highly doubt anything else will happen today that will trump this! I don't remember the last time Gizmo got shaved. Probably Summer 2009. He's been getting by without one since I started cutting his hair the old fashioned way; with a pair of scissors. Don't be impressed. It was never a good job. It was always a hack job. A necessary evil. Just cutting it so it wouldn't be a big mat under his shirt, which he has to wear so he won't bite his dry skin. After his bath yesterday, I did my usual hacking off of chunks of fluffy matted Gizmo hair (which is always so much thicker and longer than the hair on his lower back which has never grown back the same since his infection), and I told my dad he could shave him whenever he had time. Well, low and behold, he had time today! He's lookin' pretty handsome! You gotta admit! But I won't be sad when his hair grows back either. I loves his fluffy Gizmo hair!

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