Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mother!

March 7th = my mother's birthday :)

Normally, I take much more vivid pictures of my cupcake delights, but these cupcakes did not come out at all like I imagined they would. There was all sorts of problems with the icing and I was running out of ingredients left and right. It was a mess! But somehow I pulled together a little something so I was able to go through with my little cupcake surprise nonetheless! It's sad, though. I had much bigger plans for my mom's birthday last summer. Yes, last summer I was thinking of what I wanted to do for my mom's birthday. That might sound weird, but I worked as a cake decorator so I was often thinking of what kind of cakes I could design for my friends and family. I had big dreams of making my mother a lovely beach scene with a palm tree and all that jazz. Not only was that one of my specialties, but my mother loves palm trees. Unfortunately, that didn't exactly happen and I didn't have the tools or the money to do it on my own. But there's always next year! Although, next year she'll be living in California! Boo hoo!

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