Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red, red, red

I supposed when I did the "after" shot I should have taken it with my hair down, but oh well! I'm not going back and fixing it now! Be that as it may, I dyed my hair! There was a big confusing mess concerning getting an appointment where I normally go for my hair experiments and so this fine job was done by my very talented mother. It was no easy task dying all of my hair. There's a lot of it. With teamwork, we accomplished it! The picture may not do it prefect justice, but it's very red. For about 10 years or so (since the Little Mermaid was out, really) I've wanted to have really red hair. Due to my dark brunette hair, I've never been able to get it. Always getting a more burgundy-purple color than anything resembling red. So, when I started going blond, I decided that when I was over the blond, I would dye it red so I could finally have the red I really wanted. Well, I cut the blond thing short due to financial difficulties and the fact that my hair stylist was really just getting lazy. The last time he highlighted it, it came out all splotchy. It was terrible! So, I went red! I'm happy with it! I'm afraid to wash it! I don't want it to fade! That's the downer to reds. They fade, fade, fade. Ah well. Be fun while it lasts! And moreover, my hair magic has inspired someone else! I wonder if this post will keep that ball rolling!!


跑步 said...

Conversation makes one what he is. ....................................................

Jamie said...

ariel! when we go to disney so many little girls are gonna be enamored with you!