Thursday, August 30, 2007

here's looking up your address

I had a "trying" day today. As in, I tried to do a lot of things and 50% of them were a poop shoot. But I can't really complain too much. In comparison to the people that caused a moderately large automobile accident on my street today, I had a pretty okay day. The air conditioning in my car is dead, the ATM in the Commerce bank was broken, OK Watch Shop is closed til Sept 17th, Isabelle lies on her "brb" signs, and Best Buy keeps lying about the due date of my computer, but at least I didn't get hauled off to the hospital on a gurney. Or worse, have to suffer the great torture that Gizmo had to endure while I rubber necked on the porch. GOD, SUCH TORMENT! I'm so glad I'm not Gizmo. He's got the toughest life ever.

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e. Styles said...

did someone say torment?!