Thursday, August 16, 2007

we were born to love one another

I was going to post with a poll today concerning something Matt wore to the movies to settle a "dispute" but something so much better happened that it had to be documented! Today I had a serious scare. I thought I lost my rings (pictured). I was so scared that I went so far as to call the last place Jamie and I ate at and everything. I could have laid claim to a ring that said "Kaitlyn" on it, but that would never fill the void that would be left without these two seriously, seriously important rings. It was a scary few hours. Every time I thought about not being able to EVER find them, I felt sick. I suppose I shouldn't put such a high premium on material things such as this, but the sentimental value makes them irreplaceable! And, they of course were in a stupid place. My mother and I seriously scoured the house and when I got home I searched my car and where were they? In the box where I keep all my dangly earrings. I have NO idea why I would have put them in there. I must have done it absent mindedly because the dangly earrings I wore yesterday were still out on the dresser. Must have meant to put the earrings in and put the rings in instead. Which is how I found them. I thought about everything I wore yesterday and tried to trace my steps that way. I even looked in my boots! haha But, be that as it may, they're safe and sound and on my finger and no doubt I'm going to be MUUUCCCCHHHH more careful! Little fuckers.