Wednesday, August 8, 2007

was that fun?

Good news, friends; tonight I was resurrected. My computer, on the other hand, made the ultimate sacrifice so I could go on and died today. I really didn't need that in my life, but all may not be lost. Though probably $200 will be. That's cheaper than getting a new computer and losing all my shit, but still, I'm seriously digging myself into quite a hole this summer. I've been trying to save money and yet now it's all going away. Just waiting for something terrible to happen to my car now. Any friggin' day now.
In other news, I'm getting a "blonde" complex.


e. Styles said...

blonde complex? sounds serious, but i have no clue, like totally, what that is, for sure.

Jamie said...

maybe its not so much the blonde.. its more the tossing oneself at another person and then just touchy touchy touch