Friday, August 3, 2007

wanna see me tapdance?

Jenell O'Boogie (January 7, 1984 - August 2, 2007) was a singer/songwriter from Southern New Jersey. She was listed on Joel Madden & Nicole Richie's Video Diary as one of the twelve "promising musicians of the new millennium" and was hailed as highly talented by such critics as Mel "Trouble" Torment, Jalisa Upson, and Roger Smith. However, her career was cut short when she died of an overdose of Pepsi on Thursday evening at age 23. She was the sister of Wilder Konschak, of Just Us League fame, and twin of Jamie Lynn McCarthy, bassist of the Yets.


e. Styles said...

Secondly, the caption of this blog loaded before the picture did, so I was all excited to see you flat-ball-changing all ova the place, and laughed for a brief moment when i saw you "exhausted". But now that I've read you impressed to see that you were so dedicated to blogging that you posted about your own death! you never cease to amaze!

also- now i have to go morn your death & the arrival of a jerk from Oregon. Fuck

Jamie said...

i'm just glad you died within the 10 seconds of your camera's timer so we could have this lasting glimpse of your corpse. thanks for that and r.i.p and shit.

miss ya!