Thursday, August 2, 2007

holy cow, you do it to yourself, you do

This is my favorite shirt. It's a genuine vintage John Lennon shirt. My mother bought it in the 70s; it's a genuine, real deal Lennon shirt. It's pretty awesome. On the front, being somewhat distorted by my lucious locks, John is giving a peace sign and the clouds say "Imagine". On the back, it says "give peace a chance" in a cool sort of text. I've yet to find another "band shirt" or Beatles/Lennon memorabilia as awesome. If there was a fire, I'd want to take this shirt, the penguin Harry gave me, and.... hmm.. what else.... OH YEAH... Gizmo! ;)

edit: I would put the shirt on, grab the penguin and also my Lennon art and stick a few CMC photos in the plastic sleeve AND THEN grab Gizmo. though I'm pretty sure he'd be clung onto me and I'd have to put the shirt on the penguin instead.

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Jamie said...

and the piece of art you just got. and any pictures of me you could salvage.