Sunday, August 12, 2007

what's wrong, cats got your tongue?

My dear friend, Becky, one of my oldest of friends and probably the only girl in my grade that was happy that I got the role of Ariel in our spring concert, did something quite unthinkable. She graduated from college with two degrees. A teaching and math degree. The teaching one I might be able to accomplish, but a math degree? PAH! Not in my lifetime. She's an inspiration to me in the fact that she's living her dream. Despite the fact that some people find her "dreams" to be rather simple. Ever since I've known her, and I've known her since the 4th grade, she's wanted to be a 3rd grade teacher and that's what she's basically doing! If she can live out her childhood dreams, maybe there's hope for me yet. Despite how that my "dream" is rather improbable to say the least. Anyway, "congrads", cow!


Jamie said...

i dont know jenell.. the words are so nice but the picture is so aggressive... which shall i believe?

e. Styles said...

i think you should just encourage the nice worded, cake shankin girl, and tell her that she's gonna make it! Duh!