Monday, August 13, 2007

why did they make a Grease 2?

Today I went to yet another party. This time it was part going away party and part "congratulations you've been medically discharged from the air force" party - thus the little army man on my cupcake ready to introduce Jamie to her maker. It was one of the only parties I've attended in which being straight was not only in the minority, but was somewhat frowned upon. During pin the vagina on the amputee, I proved myself to be quite straight and pinned the vagina on her enormous cans. But that's quite alright, I'm pretty secure in my sexuality. Besides, I meant to do that, I had a goal in mind to make her a Vagina Super Hero! String up the battleship banner, boys; Mission Accomplished!

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Jamie said...

that girl elyse made me laugh when she was like, "oh I am SO gay" and sounded really put off by someone assuming she was straight haha