Tuesday, August 28, 2007

who fights about that?

Today I was dizzy. Very dizzy. All day. So dizzy that I didn't trust myself behind the wheel or carrying a computer. Got my mom to take me to Best Buy so she could help with both of those things, but Best Buy lied and it was all in vain. Could have just stayed home and felt the room spin. Later, my mom made dinner and I think when she gets these new knives she ordered on Sunday, she's going to get her own show on the Food Network. You should have seen her extravagant chopping moves. Those garlic cloves didn't know what hit them!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

computers suck when they need to be treated. best buy lies, dell wants to make your life hell, apple .. well i've never dealt with apple computers, just ipods, but i'm sure it's no better.

what computer customer service company will finally provice proper, efficent service?!