Friday, September 25, 2009

And you're making that face that I like

Another day, another cake. Today was frustrating. I was having so much trouble with the frosting scan paper. Scan cakes should be the quickest, easiest cakes to make, but I have bad luck. Something always goes wrong for me. It's frustrating. Be that as it may, Laura and I made a pretty nice dent on the cake situation, but there was still tons left for Friday. It's weird that we have so many this week. Kathy said that after labor day, they drop off and they did, but then this week it was just insanely busy; probably the highest volume we've had this entire summer, I think.

After work, I hustled home and got a shower and got ready to leave for Philadelphia to see Regina Spektor at the Electric Factory. YAY! Despite my hustle, we didn't arrive as early as I would have liked and thus were unable to get anything close to a decent spot. We made the rounds, but wound up just hanging in the back for the majority of the show. Maybe I'm just old and bitter, but it irritates me when everyone in the audience sings along and it's so loud that the actual singer isn't almost hard to hear. It just shouldn't be that way. I don't pay good money to hear a bunch of Regina fans sing her songs. I pay to hear her sing them. I know I sound like a bitch, but I don't care. I just wish people could lip synch to the songs. That's what I do.

Be that as it may, Regina was brilliant. She flubbed on two songs, which was completely endearing and made me feel like less of a fuck up for forgetting the lyrics to my own songs too. I was disappointed that she didn't do "The Flowers", but I forgive her since she did "Ode to Divorce", which was the first song I ever heard by her. It's the song I fell in love with her to. haha So, to sum up, she was fantastic, the audience was lame, and I hate the Electric Factory.

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