Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I fix it, I fix it

Fresh with a case of the Mondays, I came in to find we had a hefty load of cakes for the week. This was especially bad news considering I'm not going to be at work for most of the day on Friday. Ah well. I liked how these cakes came out. I haven't done a little person thing since I did my first Elmo so I was a tad nervous to create little Kai-lan. Not too shabby, I think. Anyway, after work and after family dinner, I went over to see my little nephew, Samuel. I had a little gift for him and I hadn't seen him since his birthday. He has a lot of crazy new moves, but is STILL obsessed with watching Batman. Not the cartoon either. I'm talking The Dark Knight. Yeah, my TWO YEAR OLD nephew is obsessed with that movie. He kept asking to put on Batman all night. It was cute, but Jessie and Andrew are beyond tired of seeing it so they told him the DVD was stuck in the holder and they couldn't get it out! haha I actually got to interact with him directly a bit thanks to my knowledge of comic book character names. Obviously Andrew knew them, but I was offering up the answers to his "who's that?" questions and that started him being a little less shy with me. Which was cool. Unfortunately, I don't see him much so we don't have much of a relationship so it was nice to get him comfortable. I definitely should go over more often.

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